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2010-03-05 05:30 pm

100_prompts claims

I've made two claims at the recently reopened [ profile] 100_prompts

Claim #1: Dean/Faith )

Claim #2: Dollhouse )
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2008-04-17 10:15 pm

(no subject)

Community: [profile] un_love_you
Fandom: Dark Angel
Claim: Alec (X5-494)
Status: 1/30
Finished: n/a

table )
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2008-04-05 05:36 pm

[community profile] mission_insane claim

Community: [ profile] mission_insane
Claim: Supernatural General Series
Start Date: 5 April 2008
End Date:

Main Table )

First Two Tables: Themed )

Table Two: Themed - Colour

01. Red 02. Blue 03. Yellow 04. Green 05. Orange
06. Purple 07. Black 08. White 09. Pink 10. Grey

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2008-04-01 08:35 pm

[profile] 100_prompts claim

Community: [ profile] 100_prompts
Fandom: Supernatural
Claim: General Series
Started: April 1, 2008
Status: 0/30
Completed: n/a

Table #30-c )
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2008-03-31 05:15 pm

[profile] spn_random claim

Fandom: Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Claim: Dean Winchester/Faith Lehane
Table: One
Started: March 31st, 2008
Status: 1/10
Completed: n/a

prompt table )
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2007-11-25 05:26 pm

[community profile] 100_women table

Like I need another fanfic challenge, but I was bored and uninspired by the other challenges that I am currently working on so I started writing a couple of the prompts for [community profile] 100_women . A couple of prompts led to roughly 19 drabbles written (some of them are interconnected drabbles.)

I decided I'll post the table and complete what I complete.

Table )
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2007-11-18 10:47 pm
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2007-11-08 05:26 pm
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November 2007 Fic List

This is the list for November 2007 of the fic that I've posted. Most of it will have been posted to [community profile] fadeddreaming.

November 2007 )

Other fic lists:
@ Witching Hour Fic
@ Starlit Desires
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2007-11-08 05:19 pm
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[personal profile] ghostly_images

The purpose of this journal is for me to be able to post specific fic at my fic community [community profile] fadeddreaming

At this time, I will not be posting fic at this journal.

Once a month, I will probably post a list of all the fic that I've posted at this journal. I will also use this journal to keep up with specific fandoms on LiveJournal.

If you want to read the fic, check out [community profile] fadeddreaming